Bremen, Germany.
European Maritime Day

Maritime spatial planning (MSP) is a key tool for balancing environmental, social and economic objectives for the sea. The international dimension inherent in many maritime activities, as well as the ecosystem approach, mean that a transboundary approach to MSP will increasingly be required.

This workshop is based on lessons in transboundary MSP in four regional seas: the Atlantic (TPEA - Algarve / Gulf of Cadiz and East Coast of Ireland / Irish Sea), the Baltic (PartiSEApate), the North Sea (North Sea Grid Initiative), and the Mediterranean (AdriPlan).
It will highlight the specific opportunities that transboundary MSP offers to realise cross-border synergies in sea use and ecosystem management.

The workshop will be framed by a global overview of the state of transboundary MSP and provide an opportunity for discussing key aspects with a panel of MSP experts.

Moderator: Kira Gee

  1. Stephen Jay (Project Coordinator: TPEA project, University of Liverpool)
  2. Anna Hunke (North Sea Grid Initiative, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)
  3. Andrea Barbanti (Project Coordinator: AdriPlan, Istituto di Scienze Marine, Venice)
  4. Angela Schultz-Zehden (Project Coordinator: PartiSEApate, s.Pro GmbH)
Additional Panel Experts: Julian Barbière (IOC-UNESCO, ICAM), Charles Ehler (Ocean Visions, MSP-consultant to IOC-UNESCO), Nico Nolte (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency), Jacek Zaucha (Maritime Institute in Gdansk), Margarida Almodovar (Direção-Geral de Política do Mar, Lisbon)

Side event:

The EC-funded project ‘Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic’ ( will hold its final event immediately after the European Maritime Day: 15.15, Tuesday 20 May, Focke-Wulf Saal at the conference venue, followed by a reception at 17.00.

We will present transboundary maritime spatial planning exercises in our two pilot areas: Republic of Ireland - Northern Ireland (UK) and Portugal – Spain, including:
  • the geo-portal for sharing cross-border data
  • good practice for effective cross-border MSP
  • expert comments for future transboundary MSP

This event is free-of-charge and open to all delegates at the EMD.

  • Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, s.Pro GmbH
  • Maritime Institute in Gdansk
  • University of Liverpool

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19 May 2014 - 20 May 2014
The Conference and exhibitions will take place in the Congress Center Bremen and Messe Bremen, located in the middle of the city and near the main station.
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