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Technical Secretariat

Castello 1364/a Venice 30122 Italy


Phone: +39 0412407989


Affiliation: CNR

Skill & Experience:

Supporting coordination and research activities within FP7 EU Projects on the topic of sustainable and integrated management of coastal zone.

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Other information

Other information:
MSc. Degree in Environmental Sciences, PhD in  Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences, Master in Europroject design (fundraising and project development).

Experience in project management, supporting the coordination and research activities under FP7 European projects on the topic of defining the indicators for environmental assessment of North-African coastal ecosystems, and developing tools for substainable aquaculture in Egypt. Focus on the development of aquaculture site selection on the basis of satellite-derived data.
Experience in coordination and execution of technical support to environmental protection regional authority on sampling and surveying sediment, water, macrophytes, macrozoobenthos, phytoplankton and fish fauna samples, planning, acquisition, control and data analysis, disseminating data/information.
PhD in coastal morphodynamic concerning the evaluation of bed sediment properties, on the basis of meteorological, tidal and turbidimetric data and the experimental analysis of the impact of macroalgae on sediment and flow dynamics in shallow tidal environments.

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