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Welcome to Adriplan! | ADRiatic Ionian maritime spatial PLANning

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Adriplan Data Portal

is available for partners, stakeholders and the general public for searching and sharing knowledge, data, and information related to MSP in the project area. The infrastructure is based on the open source software GeoNode and can be extended with new modules based on the needs of the ADRIPLAN project.
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Stakeholder workshops

Numerous meetings, workshops and events are planned in the ADRIPLAN project and project workshops will request the prominent participation stakeholders. Project participants will present, following the authorisation of the Commission, project approaches and findings at appropriate academic and stakeholder events.
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Work packages

The ADRIPLAN project operates through five different work packages (WP), and it is structured around the set up of MSP in WP1 including in the other WPs all the essential supporting elements: Data and Information management (WP2), Reporting (WP3), Project Management (WP4), Communication and Dissemination (WP5).
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About Us

ADRIPLAN aims to deliver a commonly-agreed approach to cross-border MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian region, considered as a whole and more specifically through two Focus Areas (Northern Adriatic Sea; Southern Adriatic / Northern Ionian Sea).