The ADRIPLAN consortium consists of a wide range of research institutes that are geographically  situated in the Adriatic – Ionian Macroregion. They have a broad general expertise in the research themes included in the proposal, as well as specific expertise in the areas where they are located.  

The project will be based on cross-border Institutional partners, as Regional Administrations from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Greece (as partners) and other National Institutions and public bodies from EU and non EU states (as observers). They will play an important role with specific tasks in:
  1. Orienting the activities of elaboration of a MSP proposal for the Adriatic-Ionian Sea, collaborating in the definitions of needs, threats, conflicts and barriers with respect to maritime uses, as well as in identifying priorities and objectives;
  2. supporting data mining and data recovery activities;
  3. Acquiring the results of the project and evaluating the guidelines with respect to national and regional policies.
The technical partners will develop the activities under the steering, the supervision and the support of Institutional Partners and of an external Advisory Board. They will cover all the expertise involved, as well as the cross-bordering geographical scope of the project.
  Organization Country Abbreviation Contact person
1 CNR-ISMAR IT CNR Pierpaolo Campostrini
  Organization Country Abbreviation Contact person
1 OGS IT OGS Renzo Mosetti
2 IUAV IT IUAV Francesco Musco
3 City of Rijeka HR CR Suzana Belošević Romac
4 Regional Development Centre Koper SL RCK Slavko Mezek
5 Conisma IT CON Simona Fraschetti
6 Univ. Thessaly GR UTH Harry Coccossis
7 HCMR GR HCMR Vassiliki Vassilopoulou
  Organization Country Abbreviation Contact person
8 Emilia-Romagna Region IT ERR Giuseppe Bortone
9 Veneto Region IT VER Marco Puiatti
10 Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia IT FVGR Ketty Segatti
11 Marche Region IT MAR Mauro Bolognini
12 Molise Region IT MOR Mario Ialenti
13 Puglia Region IT PUR Antonello Antonicelli
14 Istria Region HR IZ Oriano Otocan
15 Ionian Islands Region GR RII Konstantinos Skordilis
16 Venice Port Authority IT APV James Orlandi
  Organization Country Abbreviation Contact person
1 Ministry of Environment, land and sea, Italy IT MEIT Renato Grimaldi
2 Director of MPA Tremiti Islands IT MPA Luca Soldano
3 Director of MPA Torre Guaceto IT MPA Vincenzo Epifani
4 Director of MPA Porto Cesareo IT MPA Remì Calasso
5 Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion Secretariat IT AIE Francesco Cocco
6 Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, Slovenia SL MAESL Branko Ravnik
7 Ministry for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
(Spatial Planning Directorate), Slovenia
SL MISSL Tanja Bogataj
8 Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management MON MON Dragoljub Markovic
9 Fondacioni "Zoja e Këshillit të Mirë" AL FZT Daniele Bertoldi
10 Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Administration AL AME Pellumb Abeshi
11 Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – Odessa
National Marittime University
UC UCR Iryna Morazova
12 Geoecomar ROM ROM Adrian Stanica
13 Greek Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change GR MEGR Athena Mourmouris
14 United Nation Environment Programme UN UNEP Habib N. El Habr
15 MED-RAC EU MRAC Giampaolo Buonfiglio
16 JRC EU JRC Vittorio Barale
17 General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean UN GFCM Abdellah Srour
  Organization Country Abbreviation Contact person
1 CORILA IT COR Pierpaolo Campostrini