The Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning is in the area of spatial planning responsible for preparing strategic development guidelines, spatial arrangements of national significance and overseeing spatial plans of local communities. According to the legislation, all spatial arrangements connected to marine environment are regarded as spatial arrangements of national significance.
The Ministry has cooperated as a partner or an observer in numerous transnational projects within territorial cooperation in former programming periods (Alpine Space – Clisp, C3Alps; SEE – Natreg, Attract-SEE; ESPON – Espon Train, Espon TIA, Espon Interstrat; CADSES – PlaNet CenSE etc.). The Ministry was also a Lead Partner of project R.A.V.E. Space  (CADSES programme). In addition, we also took part in some cross-border projects (CBC SI-IT – Kras-Carso, Kraški Okraj, Transland etc.). The Ministry in cooperation, with MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan) – PAP/RAC, implemented Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) during Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP Slovenia).
Ministry has various responsibilities related to maritime spatial planning and management of coastal zones. There are several departments within the Ministry, which share responsability for marine activities and coastal management (maritime affairs and traffic, energy, spatial planning).
As a project observer we are interested to participate in developing the marine spatial planning approach as an integrated cross-sectoral tool and in its testing in the Adriatic Sea.
Participation of the Ministry is important for Slovenia in order to cover all relevant aspects, since RDC Koper, within the process of regional development, manages only regional and local partners. Such cooperation would enable more integrated management.
Ministry will follow the preparation and implementation of the project, and will assess how to implement the results in our legal system.
Description of Personnel Involved in the Project
bogatajTanja Bogataj

Graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana in September 2000, post-graduated (Master degree) at the Faculty of social sciences (Policy analysis-European aspects), University of Ljubljana in June 2004, and in July 2010 (Master degree) at the Faculty of Economics (Organization and Management), University of Ljubljana. Since 2000 has been working in the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Development, and since 2012 in the Ministry of the Infrastructure and Spatial Development. Working as Deputy Director General of the Spatial Development Directorate from March 2009-November 2012, and Director general of the same directorate since December 2012.

  • Director General of the Spatial Development Directorate, since December 2012;
  • 3 years working as Deputy general of Spatial Development Directorate; March 2009 - November 2012;
  • 10 years experience in the field of Spatial Development, Urban Development and Spatial Planning, especially in legal matters, forming and executing policy and legislation at the national and EU level - Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning;
  • 4 years experiences of being the coordinator of the international and European activities (within the Ministry) in the field of Territorial Cohesion, Urban Development, Architectural Policy and Housing;
  • Coordinator of the Slovenian EU Presidency activities and the project manager of the presidency team in the field of Territorial Cohesion, Urban Development, Architectural Policy and Housing (2008);
  • Coordinator of the Slovenian Presidency to the Alpine Convention activities, National Contact Point for the Alpine Convention and the Slovenian representative in the Permanent Committee and Compliance Committee (2009-2011);
Contact Details
Official address: Tržaška 19a,1000, Ljubljana. Slovenia
T: (+ 386 ) 01 478 70 17, F: (+ 386 ) 01 478 70 10  E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., W:

Contact person responsible for the organisation of the project’s work (the coordinator): Name: Valentina Lavrenčič , E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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ADRIPLAN aims to deliver a commonly-agreed approach to cross-border MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian region, considered as a whole and more specifically through two Focus Areas (Northern Adriatic Sea; Southern Adriatic / Northern Ionian Sea).