University of Thessaly has been engaged in issues related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management such as the environmental dimension of spatial planning, the relationship of environmental policy with city planning and spatial planning, planning for human and natural ecosystems generally and sustainable development and planning at the national, Mediterranean and European levels.
Special emphasis has been given in the development of information technology tools and methods supporting the integrated approach at spatial planning with emphasis on the environmental dimension such as development of environmental scenarios, carrying capacity assessment, strategic environmental assessment, spatial decision support systems, etc. The research group undertakes multidisciplinary research in environmental planning contributing to the advancement of knowledge and methodology in integrated spatial environmental policy and planning in international and national consulting in environmental planning, integrated water resource management, integrated coastal zone management, island planning, urban and regional policy, etc. It has also participated in many Greek and European research programs and has provided assistance through demonstration or consultancy work to many regions in Greece, Europe, and also in Mediterranean and developing countries.
The activities of the Research Unit of Environment and Spatial Planning have particularly extended to the Mediterranean level having a long experience and practice at issues referring to the Mediterranean sea such as the CAMP - Coastal Areas Management Project, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, MAP (Marine Action Plan), PAP (Priority Actions Programme) on ICZM guidelines, tourism carrying capacity, sustainable development etc. The Laboratory’s recent research concerned integrating spatial analysis approaches into coastal and marine planning by obtaining ideas for structuring planning frameworks. It has also examined ways to bridge science and policy and promote innovative tools and methodologies for a multispatial and intersectoral coastal and marine spatial planning and have given emphasis in benchmarks for assessing progress towards ICZM (research activities through the Thematic Network Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in the context of the ENCORA Project, the European Platform for Coastal Research). The Laboratory’s current research focuses on maritime spatial planning, governance, territorial development and scenarios for the European macro-regions with an emphasis in the Mediterranean sea.

Description of Personnel Involved in the Project

coccossisHarry Coccossis

Professor of Urban, Spatial and Environmental Planning, Director of the research unit "Environment and Spatial Planning" in the Department of Planning and Regional Development with a PhD in City and Regional Planning (Cornell, USA, 1980), a Master in Town Planning (Pomona, USA, 1975) and Diploma of Architecture (National Technical University of Athens, 1973). The fields of his expertise are the extensive research and professional activity in urban and regional development, environmental management and planning. He has also carried out expert work for international organizations (European Union, World Bank, UNEP, FAO, OECD, UNESCO) in coastal zone and islands' management, tourism and environmental planning. The main projects in which he was involved are: ESPON Project: European Seas and Territorial Development, Opportunities and Risks (ESaTDOR) (in progress); Encora: European Platform for Coastal Research (FP6); Protection du territoire par le biais du Genie Ecologique a l'echelle de Bassin Versant, (PROGECO-Interreg III Medocc); Integrated Coastal and River Basin Management (PYTHAGORAS); Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Urban Water System Planning and Management in Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean (United Nations Environment Programme -Priority Actions Plan, Regional Activity Centre-UNEP-PAP,RAC); Coastal Cities and Coastal Areas in Europe (Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works; Integrated Coastal Management of the Coastal Area of West Saronikos (Gulf of Elefsina); Integrated Project Evaluation and Water Management (Advisor) (University of Lisbon/European Commission-DG Research, 5th Actions Program, Environment and Energy); Good Practices Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Area Management in the Mediterranean (UNEP Programme -Priority Actions Plan, Regional Activity Centre-UNEP-PAP,RAC); Med-Ermis Technical Assistance to 6 Mediterranean Counties (Egypt, Malta, Israel, Tunisia, Libanon, Cyprus) for Environmental Observatories (Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works /OECD-Development Assistance Committee-DAC); Coast - Land use - Med: Preliminary study for development of coastal land - use policies among EU Mediterranean countries for long term protection (European Commission-LIFE98/Conservatoire du Littoral, France)

panatzisPanayotis Pantazis (M.A)

Is an Engineer in Urban and Regional Planning, member of research staff of the Laboratory of «Environment and Spatial Planning» in the Department of Urban Planning and Development with a Master in Urban Planning (University of Thessaly, 2011). He is a PhD candidate on Regional Development and Economic Geography at the Panteion University. He is experienced as a researcher in automated mapping and management of data-intensive projects and applications (more than 20 research projects). He was employed as instructor in several seminars of thematic cartography and spatial planning and as technical coordinator for publications of Cartographic Atlases and several scientific publication and studies. His scientific interests are focused in methods of cartographic representation in Geographic information Systems (GIS) environment, quantitative methods with accent in spatial statistics and econometrics, and standardization of [geospatial] data for digital and printed publications.

papatheochariTheodora Papatheochari (MsC)

Is a researcher at the Laboratory of «Environment and Spatial Planning» in the Department of Planning and Regional Development. She is a PhD candidate in Spatial Planning and Management at the University of Thessaly (Title: Waterfront Regeneration in Mediterranean cities in the context of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management) with a Master in Urban Planning (University of Thessaly, 2006) and a Diploma of Planning and Regional Development (University of Thessaly, 2005).  Her expertise involves Spatial and Urban Planning and geographic information systems issues. She has experience in coastal planning and management research and has also participated in a number of Greek and European research projects. Her scientific focus and publications concern the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Spatial Planning with a special interest in the Mediterranean.

Contact Details

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Contact person responsible for the organisation of the project’s work (the coordinator): Name: Harry Coccossis, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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