The Regional Advisory Council for the Mediterranean (RAC MED- CCR MED) is a stakeholder-led organization and its role is to enable the European Commission to benefit from the knowledge and experience of stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of fisheries management measures. The creation of the RAC's is one of the pillars of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy of 2002. The RAC MED is composed by representatives from the fishing sector, producer organizations, ship owners, small-scale fishermen, processors, and it is composed by other parties concerned with the Common Fisheries Policy such as environmental organizations, aquaculture producers, consumers and recreational fishermen of its eight Member States (Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Malta and Cyprus and Croatia).
The RAC MED has the aim to decide on and present, on behalf of its members, opinions on fisheries management in the Mediterranean Sea in order to contribute to the achievement of the CFP, as established in art. 2 of the Council regulation (EC) no. 2371/2002 and, thus, guarantee a sustainable fisheries management.  The RAC MED also has the purpose of drawing up recommendations aimed at improving the application of the European legislation in the Mediterranean for the relevant fishery undertakings, and any other activity necessary to carry out and achieve their objectives.
Description of Personnel Involved in the Project

caggianoRosa Caggiano

Executive Secretary of the RAC MED since January 2011. She is responsible for the day-to-day work of the Mediterranean RAC upon mandate of the President. She has been working in the fisheries sector since 2002, international relations at the Italian Fisheries Department, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF) as assistant in an international fisheries context with the task of following negotiations and the ratification of International agreements, such as Eurofish. From 2007-2008 she worked as Policy officer Market and Supply Policies- SNE (Seconded National Expert). She contributed to and assisted in the implementation and the development of the market and trade-related parts of the Common Fisheries Policy. She participates in session of the Management Committee set up to assist the Commission in the implementation of market policies. She established contacts and entered into a dialogue with Member States authorities on all issues of relevance (eco-labelling, certification, traceability).

Contact Details
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Contact person responsible for the organisation of the project’s work (the coordinator): Name: Rosa Caggiano, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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