The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has been established in order to confront the continuous environmental problems and to adopt a new development model – the model of Green Development- that will secure a better quality of life for every citizen.
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change works to achieve the protection of the natural environment and resources, the improvement of quality of life, the mitigation and adjustment to the implications of climate change and the enhancement of mechanisms and institutions for environmental governance.
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in order to achieve its Mission, has developed a strategic plan based on 4 pillars amplified into strategic objectives.

Combating Climate Change by moving towards a competitive economy of low carbon consumption.

Strategic Objectives
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase the share of our country’s energy use from renewable sources and natural gas, whilst ensuring the reliability of energy supplies.
  • Secure consumers the provision of reliable energy products and services
  • Promote green products, sustainable production and consumption patterns
Natural resource protection and environmental enhancement
  • Protect and promote Biodiversity and the natural landscape
  • Ensure the effective management and protection of water resources
  • Effective management and protection of our forests
  • Environmental Crises prevention and effective risk management
Improve quality of life with respect to the environment
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Improve air quality and soundscape
  • Enhance accessibility and sustainable mobility for all
  • Efficient waste management and promotion of recycling
Enhancement of environmental governance mechanisms and processes
  • Strengthen the planning system in order to ensure policy cohesion
  • Simplify and code environmental legislation whilst strengthening its enforcement mechanisms
  • Promote environmental research, innovative technologies and accessibility to environmental information
  • Enable environmental accountability and volunteerism

The Ministry will implement a series of actions in collaboration with public administration, the private sector, social partners, citizens and international community, in order to achieve the strategic objectives and eventually establish the pillars of Green Development.
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change was established following  the Decision of the Prime Minister N. 2876 on October 7th 2009. 
Formerly, the Ministry was under the name of "Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works".

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