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Coordinator/Financial Manager

Viale della Fiera 8 Bologna 40127 Italy


Phone: +39 0515276065

Fax: +39 0515276991


Affiliation: ERR

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Other information

Other information:
Giuseppe Bortone, graduated in Biological Sciences in 1983 at Parma University. He was researcher for the Animal Productions Research Centre in Reggio Emilia and then for the National Agency for Energy, New Technologies and Environment (ENEA), firstly as a researcher from then as the Head of the Waste Water Treatment and Water Cycle Unit of ENEA. Bortone was the Head of the Water Department of Emilia-Romagna Region, responsible for the Regional Water Plan and water resources management, and for the ICZM. From January 2007 until present he was the Director General for Environment, Soli and Coast Protection of Emilia-Romagna Region. he is responsible of the achievement of objectives related to environmental quality, territorial safety, sustainable development. He manages a staff of about 590 people, divided in 14 Departments: Water, Waste, Protected Areas, Air Quality, Environmental and Sustainable development Education, EIA, General Affairs and Legislation, Geological and Seismic Survey, Soil and Coastal Planning, plus 5 Operational Units for the flood/landslide risk control. From 1999 to 2004 was a consultant for water/sediment treatment and management at the Italian Ministry for Environment. From January 2002 from December 2006 he was the coordinator of the European Sediment Research Network (SedNet). He published more than 100 national and international scientific papers.

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