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Via Tiziano 40 Ancona 60125 Italy


Phone: +39 071 8063479

Fax: +39 071 8063012


Affiliation: MAR

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Other information:
Luigi Bolognini is a chemical of the Department Territory and Environment and deals with planning of inland waters and coastal sea, for the implementation of the WFD, and planning of marine waters, for the implementation of the MSFD. For the WFD (Water Framework Directive) has developed and coordinated a number of activities that led to the approval of the Plan for the Protection of the Waters of the Marche Region and implemented different lines of activities of the Management Plans for the River Basin Districts of the Northern and Central Apennines. He coordinates the activities of the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of the Marche (ARPAM) to monitoring the water, the measures to be taken for the maintenance and achievement of the quality objectives and the planning of activities necessary for the implementation of the measures. In particular, he coordinates the activities relating to the management of bathing water, the management of coastal waters relative to eutrophic phenomena, integrating with the defense of the coast and the sea. For the MSFD (Marine Strategy Directive Framework), is a member of the Technical Committee and coordinates the activities of regional monitoring, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, and investigation activities to support the implementation of the MSFD .

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