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Coordinator - Financial Manager

Via delle Magnolie 6 Modugno 70026 Italy


Phone: +39 0805 403904

Fax: +39 0805 406853


Affiliation: PUR

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Other information

Other information:
Antonello Antonicelli, civil engineer, Director of Area “Policies for the redevelopment, environmental protection and environmental safety and the implementation of public works”. He is the highest administrative figure of Apulia region for environmental issues. In his administration experience he has been Apulia region environmental authority for renewable Energy (POI program), Responsible of POR Puglia 2000 – 2006 (regional park, air quality, g.i.s.), Responsible of PO – FESR 2007 – 2013 management of protected natural areas), President of regional environmental impact evaluation Commission. He obtained a post degree at University of Bari and INSA of Lione in environmental management and policy.

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