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Argonafton & Filellinon Volos 38221 Greece


Phone: +30 24210 74436

Fax: +30 24210 74398



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Other information:
Theodora Papatheochari (MsC) is a researcher at the Laboratory of «Environment and Spatial Planning» in the Department of Planning and Regional Development. She is a PhD candidate in Spatial Planning and Management at the University of Thessaly (Title: Waterfront Regeneration in Mediterranean cities in the context of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management) with a Master in Urban Planning (University of Thessaly, 2006) and a Diploma of Planning and Regional Development (University of Thessaly, 2005).  Her expertise involves Spatial and Urban Planning and geographic information systems issues. She has experience in coastal planning and management research and has also participated in a number of Greek and European research projects. Her scientific focus and publications concern the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Spatial Planning with a special interest in the Mediterranean.

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