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Argonafton & Filellinon Volos 38221 Greece


Phone: +30 24210 74436

Fax: +30 24210 74398



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Other information:
Panayotis Pantazis (M.A) is an Engineer in Urban and Regional Planning, member of research staff of the Laboratory of «Environment and Spatial Planning» in the Department of Urban Planning and Development with a Master in Urban Planning (University of Thessaly, 2011). He is a PhD candidate on Regional Development and Economic Geography at the Panteion University. He is experienced as a researcher in automated mapping and management of data-intensive projects and applications (more than 20 research projects). He was employed as instructor in several seminars of thematic cartography and spatial planning and as technical coordinator for publications of Cartographic Atlases and several scientific publication and studies. His scientific interests are focused in methods of cartographic representation in Geographic information Systems (GIS) environment, quantitative methods with accent in spatial statistics and econometrics, and standardization of [geospatial] data for digital and printed publications.

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