Venice, Italy.
Adriplan Kick-off meeting

The Institute of Marine Sciences of the National Research Council, as the Lead partner of the project Adriatic Ionian Maritime Spatial Planning - ADRIPLAN, invited the Project Partners and the Advisory Board members to participate at the ADRIPLAN’s Kick-off meeting to set and discuss: the project landscape, objectives, structure and partnership; detailed WP contents and work plan; involvement, communication and dissemination; management, roles, coordination and financial issues.

13 January 2014 - 14 January 2014

The meeting took place at the CNR –ISMAR institute. Address: Arsenale - Tesa 104, Castello 2737/F, 30122 Venice - Italy

Kick-off meeting Photos

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About Us

ADRIPLAN aims to deliver a commonly-agreed approach to cross-border MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian region, considered as a whole and more specifically through two Focus Areas (Northern Adriatic Sea; Southern Adriatic / Northern Ionian Sea).