Thessaloniki, Greece.
Marine and Maritime Research issues
The overall objective of the RInES Conference is to highlight the important role of the International Cooperation / INCO for the EU by reinforcing the collaboration with the European Neighbourhood / ENP and Black Sea region countries within the framework of the research and innovation, exploiting its potential as an integral part of a comprehensive package of external action. The ENP and Black Sea region countries involved are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine Authority, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and the associated countries: Israel and Turkey.

It has to be emphasized that this is the first time that the European Neighbourhood and the Black Sea region countries will work together with the EU, towards a common approach on research and innovation issues on two sectors of high importance for the Societal challenges of the HORIZON 2020:
  • Sustainable Energy & Clean Technologies Applications, towards a Low/Zero Carbon Energy Future for the regions
  • Marine Research and the Maritime Strategy in Neighbourhood countries and the Black Sea region within the frame of sustainable management of ecosystems, marine bio-geo resources, fisheries and blue growth potential

The RInES Conference is envisaged to have the “Thessaloniki Declaration”, a joint declaration, accompanied by a roadmap regarding the future steps and the way forward for the EU INCO Policy and external Research & Innovation (R&I) relations in the above mentioned target countries.

The conference addresses the following target groups:
  • Enterprises & Companies
  • Research & Academic bodies
  • Business associations
  • Funding and Investment schemes
  • Regional & Local authorities
  • General public
During the first day, the conference will host:
  • The General Policy context in R&I in the EU Neighbourhood and Black Sea Regions,
  • The funding opportunities for research and innovation in the regions, and
  • The success Case Studies, of the International Cooperation in the above mentioned thematic areas, setting the examples to be followed.
The second day of the conference will include two parallel thematic sessions devoted to Energy and Marine Research. Within this context, business’s and other organisations’ executives will have the opportunity to participate in networking activities with representatives from enterprises and research centres from the above mentioned countries, active in the sectors of clean energy and marine &  maritime research.

English is the official language of the Conference.
RInES Conference is co-funded by the International Cooperation Programme of the 7th Framework Programme of Reseacrch and Technological Development (

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29 May 2014 - 30 May 2014
The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is located on 25 Martiou Street, where it meets the waterfront, right next to the Posidonio Athletic Centre.
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