Venice, Italy.
ALDFG management has been discussed at the stakeholders meeting

6 November 2014
CNR-ISMAR, Venice, Italy

The "Second stakeholder meeting" was held on Thursday, November 6th, at the Institute of Marine Sciences, National Research Council of Venice. More than sixty people, including public officials, representatives of the fishing and tourism sectors, diving centers, environmental organizations, recycling and waste disposal companies, museums, universities, research institutions and environmental NGOs. attended this important event. During the morning session the GHOST partners presented the main results achieved so far and started an active and interesting discussion with all participants on issues regarding possible mitigation and prevention measures of the ghost nets phenomenon, the use of new biodegradable materials and the problems encountered by authorities responsible for the enforcement of existing regulations regarding labelling of fishing gears and reporting requirement of their loss.

Many interesting contributions were presented during the afternoon session by representatives of projects, initiatives and companies targeting the preservation of the marine environment.

In occasion of the meeting, the artist Marisa Merlin set up a work of art, entirely made with recovered plastic, entitled "Mermaid's Tears", a term which sometimes is referred to micro-spheres and/or micro-fragments of plastic almost invisible to the human eye, which increasingly are found in the marine environment.

The Ghosts team acknowledges the participants for their precious contributions.


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