Lazio Region, Rome, Italy.
Med Cooperation Days

10 November 2014 - 12 November 2014
Lazio Region, Rome, Italy

Jointly organized by the Lazio Region, the Intermediterranean Commission of the CPMR, PLATFORMA and with the key collaboration and contribution of the EU Med programme projects COASTGAP and COM&CAP MarInA-Med, the Mediterranean Cooperation Days seek to develop specific political and technical debates on different aspects concerning the future for cooperation in the Med basin, bringing together - into a Multi-Level Forum - representatives of EU and EuroMed Institutions and Assemblies (DGs of the EC, MEPs, EU Council, EESC, CoR, Union for the Mediterranean, ARLEM), local and regional authorities and networks (IMC-CPMR, Arco Latino, Med Commission of UCLG, PLATFORMA), EU ETC Programmes and Med Maritime Projects, as well as the civil society.

The Med Cooperation Days will start with the round tables "The Med beyond 2015 – how to achieve sustainable development" encouraging discussions on a shared vision for cooperation in the area to be promoted for the post-2015 development framework, as the exchange of decentralized cooperation best practices tackling climate change effects.

The works will continue with a session on the future of Macro Regional and Sea Basin Strategies in the Mediterranean that will aim to gather the first pilot meeting of the above mentioned Multilevel Forum, putting into perspective the possibilities of set-up and implementation of these kind of emerging strategies towards the fulfillment of the EU2020 Strategy, European cooperation, the Integrated Maritime Policy, the Blue Growth strategy in the Mediterranean, and the implication of LRAs in such initiatives to reinforce economic, social and territorial cohesion. Moreover, in the frame of a joint conference on the framework conditions for climate change adaptation in coastal areas and the Blue Growth in the Mediterranean, COASTGAP and COM&CAP MarInA-Med - together with the Med Maritime projects - will present and share key results and encourage debates in order to provide consistent suggestions for the implementation of the new Med Transnational Cooperation Program and the Joint Action Plan “Developing conditions for a sustainable growth in the Mediterranean” related to the Bologna Charter. To this extent, specific thematic and multi-stakeholder working groups have been also foreseen.

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