Venice, Italy.
The great universal exhibition dedicated to water

AQUAE VENICE 2015 wants to describe, in a simple, experiential, educational and interactive way, to everybody how and why water deeply influences our lives and the way in which this theme will be developed in industry, feeding, culture in next decades.

Aquae Venice 2015 is the great universal exhibition dedicated to water, the unique official side event of Milan Universal Exhibition dedicated to food and feeding, from which is patronized, scheduled from May, 3 to October, 31, 2015.

For this occasion the new AQUAE pavilion has been designed and built. This is a pavilion dedicated to water: extension of the Expo in the Venetian Lagoon, which analyses and explores the relationship between Man and Water.

At the end of Universal Exhibition, Aquae will be the core of the new Exhibiton Centre of Venice.

In Aquae, feeding is a knowledge experience as well as of entertainment, in which culture, emotions, leisure and science connect each other: a series of various live experiences into an exhibition and multimedial path typical of a contemporary exhibition, an entertainment, pleasure and knowledge place, where food and experience in food preparation and consumption are used as universal communication code.

The exhibition pavilion is also a meeting B2B, analyzing and knowledge place for global comunity. Culture and science are influenced: ideas, projects, activities, products, personalities and excellence experiences are presented in a simple language, suitable for all, typical of a science center, in which visitors will be deeply interesed.

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3 May 2015 - 31 October 2015
Address: Via Galileo Ferraris, Venice, Italy. For information, call +39 041 533 4850


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