Key Figures

Name Position Affiliation Skill & Experience
Alessandro SarrettaAlessandro Sarretta WP2 Coordinator
Collection, analysis and processing data on morphology, sedimentology, bathymetry, hydrodynamics, effect of human interventions on coastal systems. Expertise in standardization and interoperability of geospatial data and systems, web-based Spatial Data Infrastructures, international standards (ISO, OGC, INSPIRE)
Alessandra GiorgettiAlessandra Giorgetti Task 2.1 Leader OGS
Oceanographic data management, scientific data validation and processing
Vassiliki VassilopoulouVassiliki Vassilopoulou WP5 Coordinator HCMR
Potential of implementing Marine Spatial Planning in greek waters.  Study of  pressures and impacts of human uses on the marine ecosystem under the MSFD perspective. Extensive interaction with stakeholders and organization of  outcomes dissemination
Mairi ManiopoulouMairi Maniopoulou Task 5.1 Leader HCMR
Coordination of dissemination activities, as Policy Scientist and Communication expert  
Loredana AlfarèLoredana Alfarè Task 5.2 Leader
Project monitoring, participation processes; socio-economic analysis of the coastal zone