Key Figures

Name Position Affiliation Skill & Experience
Renzo MosettiRenzo Mosetti Task 1.2 Leader; Task 1.3 Coordinator for Northern Adriatic region OGS
Ecosystem modelling and environmental-economic problems. Physical oceanography, ocean-climate interactions,hydrodynamic and marine coastal modeling, socio-economic analysis and modeling, data management and observational network in coastal areas
Marina LipizerMarina Lipizer Task 1.2 Leader; Task 1.3 Coordinator for Northern Adriatic region OGS Physical, chemical and biological oceanography, impact of human activities on coastal environments; multidisciplinary data collection, quality control and management and map distribution of environmental data
Simonetta FraschettiSimonetta Fraschetti Task 1.2: Southern Adriatic - Ionian Area Coordinator; Task 3.3 leader CON
 Field descriptive research, manipulative experiments and spatial analysis techniques with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the pattern of distribution of marine biodiversity and of the processes shaping marine communities
Michele ScardiMichele Scardi Task 1.2 MSFD descriptors CON
Expertise in data analysis techniques. Implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive for Italy
Harry CoccossisHarry Coccossis Task 1.4, 3.5, 3.7 Leader
Urban and regional development, environmental management and planning;  coastal zone and islands' management, tourism and environmental planning