Key Figures

Name Position Affiliation Skill & Experience
Paraskevi KarachleParaskevi Karachle Task 5.3 Leader HCMR Interactions with stakeholders, contributing for an adaptive management process. Reporting and dissemination, organization of meetings and workshops, promotion of networking between scientists and stakeholders
Frank MaesFrank Maes Advisory Board Member Ghent University
International and European environmental law, also related to climate change, fresh water  and protection of oceans and seas. Maritime spatial planning legal framework and local ecological fisheries knowledge.
Vanessa StelzenmüllerVanessa Stelzenmüller Advisory Board Member TI Institute for Sea Fisheries
Development of practical tools for marine spatial planning and the strategic support for implementation of MSFD. Analysis of conflicts between fisheries and other uses such as the offshore renewables and valuable ecosystem components, using integrated temporal and spatial modelling approaches and probabilistic risk assessment of spatial management options.
Vittorio BaraleVittorio Barale  Advisory Board Member JRC
Monitoring of near-coastal environment scenarios for Integrated Coastal Management  and MSP techniques, concentrating primarily on  the ecosystem-based approach. Remote sensing for studies of the marine environment and use of optical observations for the assessment of marine and coastal processes.